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Storytelling Tips: Three Tips for Corporate Presentations

Posted in Corporate Presentations, Storytelling Tips on June 29th, 2010 by Storyteller – Be the first to comment

Storytelling tips come in all forms, depending on the audience. Here are three storytelling techniques for how to be a storyteller for business storytelling.

1. Engage the audience.
Storytelling is not theater. The energy and comments from your audience should be incorporated into your presentation. For example, if you are presenting a corporate storytelling event in the morning you probably have a high energy group and you will adjust your presentation according to whether you want the group to “ramp up” or slow down. If you have corporate presentations immediately after lunch and your audience is feeling a little groggy, you will want to energize your presentation. Sometimes as you tell, your audience may make comments or asides that you can then utilize in your presentation. Listen to your audience. Make them a part of your storytelling.

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2. Keep your personal stories short.
In many places, there is an abundance of storytelling that focuses on telling personal stories. In business speaking, you’ll want to keep these stories very succinct and to the point. While some audiences may really seem to enjoy longer personal tales (see #1 above), most audiences will want you to keep these stories crisp and focused on the purpose of your presentation. Add this question to your storytelling tips: Is your personal story moving your presentation toward your goal? If not, then edit and shorten the story.

3. Explore short “fables”
Sometimes speakers choose to use personal tales because they don’t have a collection of world-tales to draw from. However, the Internet makes it easy to find simple stories such as Aesop Fables and others. To learn more about using world-tales in your presentations, please see Sean Buvala’s article “Creating World Tales for Business Storytelling.”

We hope these first storytelling tips make your professional presentations better. Please be sure to check back for more!

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